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generalpitchiner: // Yooo, buttface, you're back!?

//HAH! Yes. I still need to come up with where the hell Izzy has been though. Something like… uh, he’s been missing in action for almost a year now or something, presumed dead after the galleon he was on crashed onto some moon or something. Ideas? :D

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askladypitchiner: //*Flying tackle!*

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Anonymous: Also I have a gift for you but I haven’t finisht it guit jet but I will soon and until then don’t you dare to sneak away again.

//Don’t worry, I won’t. I might not be as active as I have been in the past before I left, but I’ll still be around to RP and answer things. Thanks for your kind words, and you should really get a Tumblr account! :D

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//So I was just randomly showing a friend old sketches, drawings and whatnot of Isaac and my feels went all crazy and now I am back, and I still have 122 followers, after just abandoning this blog without further notice. Most of them are probably inactive accounts, but meh!

As for the in character stuff, I might just have Izzy come back after his ship crashed on some moon and the whole crew went MIA, presumed dead. Yeah, that sounds about right - it’s a good reason for a few punches to his face and angry other characters. :D

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The moment Isaac moved back to sink into the chair Gideon was sure to adjust his hands, there would be no worry of his somehow delicate fingers being crushed. He continued to comb through red tresses and listened, shaking his head. Of course he didn’t think Isaac was being an ass-hole, and even if he had been avoiding him -which is what Gideon believed- he was sure Isaac had his reasons. Though, with the Commander saying otherwise Gideon would try very hard to believe him…

" I—" Gideon’s words were cut short when he felt himself pulled down toward Isaac. He didn’t fight against the lead the Commander gave him which led him straight into a hug. No, instead he wrapped his arms around the other, holding onto him tight. It would feel as if the Cadet was afraid Isaac would vanish any moment. " No, No…don’t rush. Finish this up…I will go to the flat and make us something. Give you a chance to relax. Good food and drinks, a massage and a good nights sleep. " Gideon turned his head and kissed Isaac’s cheek once, and then twice, " No need to get fancy, or… around people. Just me and you. If you would like, that is." 

While waiting for an answer Gideon kissed that stumbled chin and pulled back out of the hug, reaching up to his own hair which was pulled back in a messy fashion and removed the blue tie. His hands worked rather quick to secure that wild. crimson mane into a neat braid and he tied it at the end. This way Isaac would have his hair back from his face and it wouldn’t fall out as easily as in his regular ponytail. 

That was an even better idea - while Isaac didn’t mind going out, there were certain advantages to staying at home. Comfortable clothing, for example. Cold beer or wine or water, whatever he would prefer by the time he got home as it usually depended on his mood, and even though the food wasn’t as fancy as in some restaurant, it didn’t taste any worse just because it didn’t look like a piece of art.

"I’ll have to pick up something for Avar on the way home, but that’s more or less around the corner", he explained as Gideon did his hair, pointing at the open window. "He probably devoured a poisoned rat from around the factories, he’s not too well, but it’ll pass." Gideon knew about the Commander’s emphatic link with that bird, and it was probably another thing that annoyed him; If the bird didn’t feel well, neither did the Commander.

Besides, he was going to pick up a few flowers for Gideon. He felt romantic all of a sudden, and terribly sorry as well. Flowers wouldn’t make up for it, but it was at least a small token of gratitude, something that showed that he cared.

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askladypitchiner: She chuckled in response. "As long as we keep it platonic, I think we can manage." With that, she kissed him lightly on the cheek. "There, how's that?"

The redhead laughed, but didn’t flinch when she moved in to kiss his cheek. “I gotta learn how to put things in a more… well, socially acceptable way. If I tell Gideon ‘I kissed the General’s wife today’, he’s not gonna like it I guess. Or he’s gonna laugh.”

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askladypitchiner: "So, there's a Greyface who asked me to kiss you." Ebony said, looking rather amused. "What do you think?"

"That’s a question of how your lips are gonna survive my stubble, I guess… and how I’m gonna survive your husband afterwards", Isaac said, chuckling slightly.

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//I thought only my achilles tendon was inflamed, because it hurt.

Instead, my shin is broken, because today the pain got unbearable and I went to the doc. Like, not really broken like a twig, but cracked rather.

This is how I roll crit fails in real life.

#ooc #mun post #it hurts like a mother #and I am not supposed to take painkillers #because it slows down the healing
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Anonymous: YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!! =D

"Of course I am. Remember what they say? Only the good die young, so I’ll probably live forever!"

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The moment those snarled words met Gideon’s ear it would look like the harsh tone pained him, his body flinching slightly. At this point, even with Isaac saying he wasn’t mad, it was hard for the blond to believe that he wasn’t. Or that the Commander was even remotely all right in any way. shape or form and Gideon still didn’t understand why this sort of thing was happening. ” Don’t be sorry…” 

Slowly, very slowly Gideon approached the desk rounding it, even his steps were gentle as he went to reach out. Usually he would have just taken those wild crimson locks in his hands and combed his delicate fingers through them with no other intention other than to pull them back into that loose ponytail that Isaac always wore. Instead of touching those familiar locks the boy took back his hand and looked at Isaac with sorrow afraid to upset him further by touching him. 

" I uh…..fixed the door and was waiting for a couple days." That was a lie, he had been waiting for a more than even a few days. " There is food in the fridge too." At this point Fenris, who was still sitting at the door had lifted his massive head and was watching sensing how uneasy Gideon was in this moment. 

" I know you said you don’t have time but…a break can be productive. If you wear yourself out….and run yourself into the ground this will be so much harder to finish up." 

He would only suggest Isaac took a break knowing it was in the red head’s best interest. Gideon wanted to ask if they were still together, if Isaac was lying and actually mad at him but he wouldn’t. The cadet was afraid to ask… 

Finally he got the courage and stepped up to the Commander and gently took hold of the messy red tresses pulling them back away from Isaac’s face and over his shoulders to his back only to very gently remove the knots. 

For a split second, it seemed as if the Commander was going to swat the boy’s hands away from his head, but the hands he raised as soon as Gideon touched him were just used to rub his eyes and then the rest of his face roughly. His fingers sounded like rough sand paper as they ran across the stubbles on his chin and jaw.

"I’m an asshole", he sighed heavily as he leaned back, careful to not crush the blond’s hands between his back and the chair. "I’m not avoiding you, but that’s precisely what it looks like, doesn’t it? The food’s probably spoiled by now too." He reached back to take hold of Gideon’s arms and pull him towards his own back and neck, so the Cadet would be more or less forced to hug him from behind if he didn’t resist.

"Tell you what - I’ll finish this bullshit about the downed galleon and its broken gravity core, and then we’ll go out. What d’you feel like? Wanna go to the Blue Lagoon?" A fancy restaurant with good beer and even better food. Not the most inexpensive place in town, but it was worth it. "I’ll go home ‘n change into something more fitting, and then I’ll pick you up - if you don’t wanna wait there, that is."

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Tap, tap, thud…

Tap d’ tap, tap, thud…

Tap, tap, thud, d’ tap, tap, tap, thud…

Idly drumming his fingers and thumbs off of the window sill in Isaac’s flat didn’t make the silence any less horrible to listen to. There was nothing like an empty home to make the loneliness set in and make your days seem just a little bit more dull and lifeless.

With a heavy sigh Gideon left the window and placed a single key on the bedside table just below the reading lamp and straightened a short note he’d written a couple days ago. It simply explained that he had fixed the broken doorknob and there was no longer a need to break in because they now both had a key. Seeing that the key was still in the place Gideon had left it last just made him believe Isaac hadn’t noticed and the more he thought about it the more he began to realise how much time they were truly spending apart.

Hell, Gideon had been waiting over three hours for Isaac to come home to surprise him with food and maybe a massage since he knew his shoulders got tense but no one had shown. This wasn’t the first time either; this was the third or fourth time. Isaac was simply never around and while Gideon understood their jobs were demanding and even he was gone for months at a time…this sudden absence was for no particular reason. At least not to his knowledge there wasn’t.

The idea of Isaac avoiding him and not coming home because of him made Gideon feel sick to his stomach. Maybe the man just needed a break? Maybe he was feeling smothered? That was the very last thing Gideon wanted him to feel. He wanted to be around Isaac to bring him comfort, love….joy. All the things one person is supposed to give another…

Maybe Gideon just wasn’t being…good enough?

This time Gideon shook his head and cleaned up the food, putting it in the fridge before turning his back on the flat. A small whistle was given to call Fenris out before he closed the door, locked it and slid his key beneath it. At least it was possible since the door has been shimmied so many times you could lift it slightly off of the floor. The new lock should come in handy though and Gideon didn’t worry that he had just locked both keys inside; he knew Isaac was probably still picking the lock if he’d been home at all and he would just do the same with this.

The next few days left Gideon unsettled and pacing in his own quarters. He wasn’t sure what he should do. This wouldn’t have been so bad if Isaac would have just talked to him but it seemed like he was avoiding him all together. He hadn’t heard anything still and the longer this went on the worse Gideon was beginning to feel.

By the next day Gideon had, had enough and wanted at least some kind of answer. When his work was done the cadet ventured down to Isaac’s office and knocked on the door before entering. He was a bit surprised to see Isaac sitting behind towers of papers and whatnot. Seeing all the work made him want to leave but if it was just all work why wouldn’t he just mention it? Why would be stay quiet and just…avoid him?

“Hey,” Gideon said as a start and quietly told Fenris to laid down and stay by the door not wanting him to get into any of the papers, organized or not. “It’s been awhile….a little more than a few days since I saw you last. I don’t know if you’ve been down to your flat but…”

At this point Gideon felt like he was speaking to a brick wall through a gas mask, even if he wasn’t and Isaac was listening to him. He paused again to move a bit closer to the desk seeing again how tired Isaac looked and he sighed, “ Mad at me or not, Isaac, you need to take a break. You’re wearing yourself down…that’s obvious. You can’t keep working like this…”

Suddenly this wasn’t about how much Gideon missed him, or how lonely he felt. Now it was just about Isaac getting some rest so he didn’t look like the undead because Gideon was sure he felt like it too.

The first clue to just how stressed Isaac was that Avar was missing. The window was only half closed to let in some fresh air, probably to keep him awake, but the bird was nowhere to be seen. Not on the Commander’s shoulder or chair, not on the desk, and not in the rafters, where he was usually sitting whenever the redhead had work to do. He was out, and seeing as it was getting dark, that was rather unusual. Isaac himself hadn’t probably even noticed, judging by how he even kept writing on one of the papers as Gideon talked to him, despite looking up one or two times to show that he was paying attention.

"I don’t have time for a fucking break", the Commander heard himself snarl and almost immediately regretted his tone, because: "And I’m not mad at you." He wanted to smile, he wanted to get up and hug the boy and then spend the night with him, but he knew he couldn’t. He needed to get all of these papers done until the day after tomorrow, and the worst thing was that he couldn’t even tell Gideon why.

He was terrible at preparing surprises, even those that were supposed to be good ones.

"I’m sorry", he sighed as he put down his pen, leaned back and ran both hands through his messy hair, noticing only now that he had forgot to put his red strands into a ponytail. Not that it mattered, but it showed just how forgetful he had become. "Haven’t been down to my place in a week or something. Been waitin’ there for me?" He hoped not, because he felt completely terrible about that fact right now, up to the point where he believed Gideon was just here to tell him it was over.

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Random doodles with isaac-hawthorne’s character Isaac

The two upper ones, are based on stuff my zebrafinch Isaac gets up to. He’s gotten into nest building, and was very set on using the remains of a millet flask. He succeeded when my mom took pity on him and cut it into pieces XD

Below are two random ones. One is inspired by an ask reply, and the other is just ordinary Isaac and Ebony shenanigans (Ebony really likes spicy food for some reason)

#the one with the rock though xD #Izzy in all his glory
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Marvel Disc Wars: The Avengers

An anime about a group of kids who use the Avengers as Digimon.






i’m watching the episode and my japanese isn’t good enough to know all of what is going on but i’m totally into this shit

loki calls thor “ani-ue” and thats just adorable


#I am so done with the internet #and with Japan #THE MINI HULK THOUGH #Avengers #Marvel
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1.  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk


What It Is:  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are creamy, super pigmented eyeshadow sticks that can be used anywhere on the eye.  ”Milk” is a creamy matte bright white that is opaque and very smooth.

Why It’s Awesome:  Apply this all over your eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow over top for SUPER bright color.  White bases help your eyeshadow really pop, no matter what color.  You could also apply this to your waterline (it shows up really well and lasts a long time) to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.  Apply a small amount just under the arch of your eyebrow and blend with your finger to create the perfect matte highlight.

Splurge:  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils cost $5 and are dupes of Stila Smudge Crayons


2.  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


What It Is:  Gel eyeliner is easy to apply, like a pencil, but has the same look and texture of a liquid.  Maybelline Lasting Drama is inexpensive, soft and dark, and doesn’t smudge or budge all over your eyelid.

Why It’s Awesome:  You can use gel eyeliner to create any eye look… wing it out thick or thin, add an extra wing, apply it to your waterline, or create intricate designs.  You can also blend it easily to get the perfect, easy sultry smoky eye!  Apply it as a base on your eyelid underneath dark eyeshadows to make them look extra lush.

Splurge:  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner costs $6 and is a dupe of MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner


3.  ELF Makeup Mist & Set


What It Is:  Setting sprays are spritzed on your face lightly before or after makeup application.

Why It’s Awesome:  ELF Mist & Set contains skin refreshing ingredients like aloe, green tea, and vitamin C.  Apply it before your makeup to help foundation blend easier, or spray it on after you’ve applied your makeup to set it and remove any powdery or cakey texture.  Mist & Set is also a great pick-me-up throughout the day if your makeup starts to look dull.  Keep it in your fridge during hot days and use it whenever you’re feeling steamy!

Splurge:  ELF Makeup Mist & Set costs $3 and is a dupe of MAC Fix+ and Model In A Bottle Original Spray


4.  Milk of Magnesia


What It Is:  Milk of Magnesia is a liquid saline-based medical supplement that can also be used as a primer for people with oily skin.  

Why It’s Awesome:  If you have skin that gets severely greasy throughout the day, applying milk of magnesia underneath your makeup can help control oil all day.  This creates a perfectly matte finish and lasts for the whole day.  Just apply it with a cotton pad to the areas on your skin where you get shiny, and then do your usual makeup routine.  It has even helped some people with acne.

Splurge: Milk of Magnesia costs about $3 and could be a replacement for Smashbox Anti-Shine


5.  Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in Tiki


What It Is:  This baked bronzer is shimmery and easy to blend.  It can be used anywhere on the face or body.

Why It’s Awesome:  Although it looks a bit dark in this picture, Tiki actually is a very light golden color that makes the perfect highlight for any skin tone.  It blends flawlessly onto the skin and isn’t glittery or sparkly… it just catches light effortlessly and gives your whole face a flattering glow.  Use it on your cheekbones, browbones, forehead, cupids bow, chin and the bridge of your nose to get the perfect highlight.

Splurge:  Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer costs $9 and is a dupe of MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle


6.  Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent


What It Is:  This pressed powder helps control shine without looking powdery.  It gives a gorgeous satin matte finish that flatters your skin.  The translucent shade is colorless and works for most skin tones.

Why It’s Awesome:  Pressed powder isn’t specifically for your oily nose - you can use it for so many things.  Apply a bit with a concealer brush over your lipstick to help it last longer and give it a sexy matte finish; use it to set your concealer; gently pat it over your filled-in brows to keep the color in place.  

Splurge:  Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder costs $4 and is a dupe of Laura Mercier Pressed Powder and Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder


7.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Pencils


What It Is:  An inexpensive pencil that provides a smudgeproof matte finish

Why It’s Awesome:  Lip liner is SO not old school!  Lip liner is normally used to create a perfect clean line on your lips and to keep your lipstick from feathering, but it has many uses.  Apply it all over your lips as a base to create perfect, long lasting lips; use a contrasting color on the outer corners and blend it in with lipstick  to partake in the super trendy ombre lip look.  Using a slightly darker shade of liner around the outer part of your lips will make your lips look more full and plump.

Splurge:  Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Liner costs $1 and is a dupe of Illamasqua Medium Pencils


8.  Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel


What It Is:  Monistat Gel is a silicone-based skin product that can be used as a makeup primer.

Why It’s Awesome:  Much cheaper and more available than most primers, this can be used all over your face or on your T-Zone to create a smoother surface for makeup to adhere to.  Because it’s silicone based, it will fill in fine lines and enlarged pores, smooth over dry skin patches and help your foundation give you more coverage.  It dries to a powdery finish so it won’t make you greasy or shiny.  It also contains fewer useless ingredients, fragrances and dyes than most makeup primers!

Splurge:  Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel costs $5 and could be used in place of Benefit PoreFessional


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right-click etc for full view

Did a bunch of new expressions for Ebony, and in color too o3o

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